Responses to the iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone X launch have ranged from "meh, unimpressed" to "holy crap this is going to change everything." But if you're waiting for Google's response to the iPhone X camera, you won't have to wait long. In fact, you can mark October 4th on your calendar and start the countdown today.

The release date was announced in the snarky little teaser video above, which points people to a landing page complete with the tagline: "Thinking about changing phones?" Billboards asking you to 'Ask more of your phone' have been sighted, possibly a nod to Google Assistant's generally accepted superiority over Siri.

Indeed, questions in the video like 'why is my phone so dumb?' or 'impersonal' seem to be a jab at Siri, while other questions like 'why is my phone so fragile' point to a more durable phone than last year's not-so-durable Pixel phones, with far less glass than the newly launched iPhones. We hope the 'why does my phone take so many blurry photos' question refers to the addition of optical image stabilization.

Even without OIS, when the original Pixel and Pixel XL came out, the phones' exceptional camera performance wowed reviewers. And that was even without the use of a dual camera module like the iPhone 7 Plus. From a photography perspective, we can't wait to see what Google does next. Apple already played their hand, the ball is in Google's court now.

Maybe some of us here are thinking of changing phones Google... convince us. Hint: you'll have to implement proper color management and accuracy first, and the iPhone X pairing HDR display of even stills photographs with a calibrated P3 wide color gamut is no joke.

Your move.