Other World Computing, also known as OWC, has released Copy That, a new app for iOS and iPadOS devices that makes it easy to copy photos and video from your Apple mobile devices directly to external storage devices, such as HDDs, RAID arrays, network-attached storage (NAS) units and more.

The process works by using the Files app built into iOS and iPadOS. Once Copy That is downloaded to your device, you’re asked what you want to copy, where you want to copy and how you want to copy the media onboard your Apple device. You can choose to copy only photos or only videos, as well as whether or not to include screenshots and selfies. As for choosing where to copy, any drive, including both networked storage options and local storage plugged into your iOS device, that appears in the Files app should work with Copy That. Cloud-based storage solutions, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, do not appear to work with Copy That at this time.

After you’ve selected what you want to copy and where you want it to go, you can choose the free ‘Fast Copy’ option, which transfers all media without verifying that or select the ‘Verified Copy’ option, which will verify that all media has successfully been copied. The ‘Fast Copy’ option is free for anyone to use while the ‘Verified Copy’ option is available as an in-app purchase for $.99 (for a limited time, after which it will go up to $2.99). You can also choose whether you want to skip files already transferred, overwrite the older versions with the new media or keep both files.

The settings in the app are ‘sticky,’ so once set, they’ll stay as you’ve selected until you change them. Copy That is free to download in the iOS App Store, with the option to make the in-app purchase for the ‘Verified Copy’ feature mentioned above.