Two former Apple engineers have today launched Astropad, an app for Apple's iPad and Mac computer that turns the former into a drawing tablet for the latter and allows you to use applications such as Photoshop with more precision. The Astropad works with most styluses and its makers claim their system is being used by photographers not only for retouching and image editing, but is also useful for illustration, sketching and painting tasks.

Astropad works via Wi-Fi or USB connections using the proprietary LIQUID technology. LIQUID allows for very smooth operation at 60 fps which is double the rate of Apple's own AirPlay technology. Astropad also claims the system delivers excellent image quality without any compression artifacts and colors that are true to the source material. 

Astropad supports all iPads with iOS 8 and all Macs with 10.9 (Mavericks) or a newer operating system. The iPad app can be downloaded free form the App Store and the Mac companion app can be purchased for $49.99 at A $19.99 educational version is also available and you can make use of the 7 day trial before you hit the purchase button.