Camera store Adorama has announced that it is to introduce a new line of monoblock studio heads that are designed to work directly with Canon’s RT radio TTL flash system. The company claims that the Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL Wireless Monolight, with its RT system built-in, is the first of its kind. The head can also be used with all Canon and Nikon DSLRs using the Orlit TR-611C and TR-612N TTL Transceivers that have been launched alongside the head. These transceivers allow TTL control of the head even with Nikon cameras.

The Orilt Rovelight RT 610 TTL is a 600Ws head with a guide number of 201ft/61m @ ISO 100 that features modes for Canon’s ETTL and Nikon’s iTTL metering systems. It is powered by a rechargeable 6000mAh lithium ion battery pack that Adorama claims is good for 450 full-power flashes per charge. The longest recycle time will be 2.5 seconds at full power, but the head offers output settings down to 1/256th in 1/3EV steps across the nine-stop range. There is said to be a variance of only 150 K across the output range from the standard color temperature of 5500 K, and a high speed sync mode allows for shutter speeds of up to 1/8000sec. The modeling bulb is a 20W LED that has a 3200 K tungsten color balance and three brightness levels.

The head accepts Bowens S-type modifiers and has an integrated umbrella shaft slot. The flash control system can be divided into five groups, while 16 channels are provided to avoid interference with other systems in the vicinity.

The new studio head can also be controlled by or work alongside the company’s Orlit RT-600C TTL Speedlite. This new flash unit can sit in the camera’s hotshoe to act as a master or it can join a group of other RT flashes as a slave. The unit has a guide number of 160ft/48m @ ISO 100.

The new studio head, flash unit and transceivers will ship later this month but can be ordered now on the Adorama website.

  • Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL Wireless Monolight - $699.95
  • Orlit RT-600C TTL Speedlite - $169.95
  • Orlit TR-611C Transceiver - $69.95
  • TR-612N TTL Transceiver - $69.95

Press release

Adorama Announces Orlit, and “The First Canon RT Wireless Compatible Monolight”

Adorama, one of the world’s largest photography, video, audio, imaging and electronics retailers, has announced Orlit, the brand new line of TTL flash solutions for photographers. Available exclusively at Adorama, the line consists of the Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL Wireless Monolight, the first monolight to ship with the Canon RT radio system built in; the Orlit RT-600C TTL Speedlight for Canon, ideal for Canon users who want to use the unique Canon 600EX-RT wireless radio system; and the Orlit TR-611C and TR-612N TTL Transceivers, which enable shooters to achieve a more extensive and powerful lighting solution with wireless control for Orlit Canon and Nikon systems.

Optimized for exceptional, true TTL performance, the all-new Orlit flash lighting line is now available for pre-order, exclusively from Adorama, and will begin shipping in February 2017. The Orlit product line-up includes:

Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL Wireless Monolight: The only 600ws wireless TTL monolight that breaks the Canon RT radio barrier and also works with Nikon wireless systems. The Orlit RT610 TTL brings additional professional radio-based and infrared remote flash options to loyal Canon RT users, who can now use the Canon 600EX-RT as a master and the Orlit RT610 as the slave.

With an outstanding Guide Number of 201 (ft. at ISO 100), and manual levels from full to 1/256 power with fine 0.1 stop graduations, this monolight from Orlit boasts a bright 20 watt LED modeling lamp with a tungsten 3200K color temperature. The HSS Mode allows sync shutter speeds up to 1/8000, while Freeze Mode achieves an additional reach of 1/19000 to capture split second moments.

The Orlit Rovelight RT 610 user interface features a large, full-color LCD display, simplified menu system, and a generous power and function control dial. Future technologies and camera sync are firmware updated through the USB port.

The Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL Wireless Monolight is now available for preorder and retails for $699.95 USD.

Orlit RT-600C TTL Speedlite for Canon:

This versatile Canon RT/ETTL wireless radio-compatible speedlight, which transmits both the Canon RT radio and optical systems, can act as a master to up to five independent groups or slave unit for remote power control. A Guide Number of 160 (ft. @ ISO 100, at 200mm zoom) in combination with the compact and lightweight design of the flash makes the Orlit Speedlite a top choice for professional Canon shooters.

Using the Orlit Speedlite for Canon is a breeze, with a flash head that rotates 180 degrees in any direction and tilts over 90 degrees for any type of bounce or modifier use. The head zooms automatically or manually from 20-200mm, ensuring the necessary coverage without light spill. The Orlit RT-600C also has a holder to place color balancing gels before the flash head. Like the Orlit Rovelight, the Orlit RT 600C user interface features a clear LCD display with a simplified but extensive menu system, with future technologies incorporated via firmware updates.

The Orlit RT-600C TTL Speedlite for Canon is now available for preorder and retails for $169.95 USD.

Orlit TR-611C TTL Transceiver & Orlit TR-612N TTL Transceivers:

Designed for Canon and Nikon cameras, respectively, adding 980ft/300m of remote lighting freedom. Using an Orlit transceiver on the camera’s hot shoe, Canon and Nikon photographers can easily adjust the exposure for the Orlit Rovelight RT610 TTL Monolight, while the Canon TR-611C adds control to the Orlit RT600C Speedlite.

This TTL wireless flash transmitter from Orlit can trigger one or more receivers for studio flash and speedlights. Featuring direct group access, multi-group triggering, stable signal transmission, and sensitive reaction, photographers can achieve wide flexibility and control over their strobist setups. And with the Orlit TTL Transceivers, high speed synchronization is available for most Orlit camera flashes, with a max speed up to 1/8000s.

The Orlit TR-611C & TR-612N TTL Transceivers are now available for preorder and will each retail for $69.95 USD.

Designed with Users in Mind
The Orlit TR-611C and TR-612N Transceivers feature an efficiently designed user interface with a clear LCD display, simplified but extensive menu system, and are graced by soft menu touch control buttons for all options. Future technologies are firmware updated through the USB port.

The Future of TTL Flash is Now
Coming soon, the Orlit smartphone app seamlessly integrates the latest in wireless command into studio life. A rich array of screens give touch control to the myriad of Orlit features without going near the set, from the convenience of a smartphone.