Mobile photo accessory provider Moment is introducing two iPhone 7 / 7 Plus cases via Kickstarter: a battery case for storing extra charge, and a standard case. Both cases are compatible with a new wide-angle attachment lens designed specially for the 7 and 7 Plus.

The Battery Photo Case offers a two-stage shutter release button. When used with Moment's camera app a half-press will acquire focus. Apple's stock camera app will only recognize a full press and shoot accordingly. The case does not use Bluetooth to communicate with the phone, unlike previous Moment cases. Instead, it uses the Lightning connector, which the company says is 75% faster.

Moment's new Photo Case is a cheaper alternative without the shutter button or backup battery. It's slim and offers basic protection from wear-and-tear, and offers an attachment for a wrist strap.

Both cases provide a mount for the new Wide Lens (as well as an adapter for existing Moment lenses), which can be positioned over the phone's wide and telephoto lenses. Moment says the lens has been re-designed considering the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus' wider aperture lenses. The slightly larger lens is also lens prone to vignetting cause by misalignment. 

Planned MSRP for the Wide Lens is $100, the Photo Case is $30 and the Battery Photo Case is $100. The company is well on its way to its $500,000 Kickstarter goal, and is offering discounts to early backers. As with any Kickstarter project things might go awry, but if all goes to plan Moment will ship the new cases and lenses starting the end of May.