Your auto image upload settings could prove revealing if your smartphone is stolen.

Over the past year or so we've come across stories about smartphone thieves inadvertently posting their images (including selfiies) online or, as in the case of a thief named Hafid, in a continuous stream, unaware that the phone was set to automatically upload images to Dropbox and then onto the owner's computer desktop. 

The woman whose smartphone was stolen has kept a Tumblr blog with Hafid's images and even a video of Hafid and his buddy wrestling (now set to the tune of Strauss' Blue Danube Waltz).

The photos snapped on the stolen phone offer an unintended intimate look at the thief's daily life.
The owner took to Tumblr to share the pictures.

You can see more of Hafid's images from the stolen phone, and the owner's running commentary, here.

Although not quite as visually stimulating, there are a few other smartphone theft stories that are kind of interesting, including one where a fox made off with the phone but later answered it and sent a cryptic text message. In the case of the stealthy fox, the owner wasn't too bright since the phone was set up to play a fox-attracting (mating?) call and he left it within easy reach of the possibly hot-to-trot fox.

And did you hear the one about a crew/cast member from a Disney Cruise — yes, Disney — being accused of stealing a woman's phone? It's an older story and we still don't know what happened in the end to the alleged perpetrator other than he was put on administrative leave while Disney investigated. But, we can see from the owner's special Facebook page that he had a really fun time on the cruise. The images were streamed to the owner's computer who was able to identify the guy from his Disney name badge. 

So, be careful not to lose your smartphone or get it stolen, but, if you do, you might just be treated to an interesting look into the new owner's life.