Clothing company Canada Goose has launched an incredibly pricey jacket designed specifically for photojournalists. Simply called 'Photojournalist Jacket,' this product costs $850 and was designed in collaboration with an unnamed photojournalist. The jacket is designed to be water-resistant, capable of withstanding 'harsh winds' and suitable for cold climates.

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The Photojournalist Jacket is made from Tri-Durance SS three-layer fabric with double-stripe reflective elements to increase the wearer's visibility at night. Canada Goose reinforced the jacket's pockets and shoulders with Cordura fabric, the cuffs have hook-and-loop closures and the waist features a drawstring.

The jacket was designed with mid-thigh length for what the company says is 'added coverage and protection.' Wearers get a total of eight exterior pockets, including some with double entry and zippers; there are also two interior pockets. The product also features a 'stowable' fabric hood that can be adjusted by the wearer.

The Photojournalist Jacket has a Thermal Experience Index (TEI) rating of 1, which means that it falls in the 'lightweight' category. The product is intended for use in temperatures ranging from 5C to -5C (41F to 23F). Despite its water resistance and waterproof design, Canada Goose claims this product is still breathable with four-way stretch.

The Photojournalist Jacket is available from Canada Goose now in Black, Navy and Red colors in sizes ranging from small to extra-large for $850 regardless of size, a price tag that doesn't quite reflect the average photojournalist's salary.