Every once in a while a company will come out with something that makes you ask yourself ‘How has no one thought of that before?’ Well, today, that company is RØDE and the product is the Thread Adapter.

Although a minor piece of kit in the realm of things, this clever little contraption is a set of tripod adapter screws and a driver, all conveniently nested together and attached to a carabiner—perfect for attaching to your camera bag or belt loop.

The set includes one carabiner, one 1/4" adapter, one 3/8" adapter, one 5/8" adapter and a driver so you can easily tighten them without needing to have a utility tool or screwdriver on hand. The entire thing is constructed of stainless steel and brass with a satin nickel finish. The kit weighs just 71g (2.5oz) and will work with pretty much any camera, video or audio equipment you throw its way.

Although availability appears to be pretty limited right now across multiple regions, the retail price is $25.