If you’re in the market for a new RED camera, you’re in luck. The California-based cinema camera company has announced that it’s both simplifying its product lineup, and dropping prices on all of its cameras.

Starting today, RED’s product lineup has been pared down to just three cameras: the DSMC2 Monster, the DSMC2 Helium, and the DSMC2 Gemini. The prices are now $54,500, $24,500 and $19,500, respectively, which amounts to a savings of over $25,000 for the Monster and Helium, and a savings of more than $5K for the Gemini.

Each of the cameras are now available in aluminum alloy and the Helium is capable of being outfitted with RED’s Helium 8K S35 Monochrome sensor:

As for why this change is happening, RED says the change is being made to "[simplify] our portfolio." The company says it "found efficiencies, and [we’re] passing along the benefits to our users."

RED also notes that the names of cameras will be changed when upgraded to firmware v7.0.3 or later. The different naming scheme is seen in the below image.

For people who have already placed an order that hasn’t shipped for an older camera that’s no longer offered, RED will update the ordered camera to the DSMC2 Brain with the exact same sensor for no additional cost. There are also upgrade options available.

You can read the full documentation of the product line simplification and changes on RED’s product support page.