Phottix has announced a new fully-manual speedlight that is compatible with all major camera brands, and also features the company’s radio control system so it can operate as commander or slave in a group of other flashes.

The Juno has a maximum guide number of 58m/190ft at the longest end of its zoom head and offers power settings of 1/128th to full power in 1/3EV steps across eight stops. As the gun is fully-manual, it only needs a basic connection to the camera to trigger, so it is compatible with almost all camera models that feature a hotshoe.

In addition, Phottix has built its 2.4GHz Ares ll system into the Juno flash unit so it can work with up to four groups of flashes across 16 channels, and can be triggered by both Ares and Strato wireless controllers, as well as by other flashes and certain Sekonic light meters. Juno also features optical slave sensors to ensure it works with older and non-radio systems, and offers a thread on its side for mounting it in the horizontal position.

Phottix says its radio system operates over 100m and full power recycling takes about five seconds.

The Phottix Juno is powered by four AA batteries or an external battery pack, and costs $130. For more information, visit the Phottix website or watch the introductory video below: