Platypod, the company behind the compact camera support of the same name, has launched a new product on Kickstarter called Platypod Ultra. This latest model is designed for mid-size and mirrorless cameras, unlike the larger Max model and original Pro model. Ultra is compatible with the majority of pro-tier tripod ball heads, according to Platypod, though the device itself is only about the size of a smartphone, making it ultra-compact.

Platypod Ultra is thicker (4.6mm vs 4.0mm) and 10% wider than the original Platypod Pro, making it sturdier, according to the company. The Ultra model comes with four spiked, threaded feet with rubber tips on one end, enabling the device to be used at a variety of angles on both rough and smooth surfaces. The Platypod Ultra also features five threaded holes for greater balancing and positioning options.

The company has also added three new openings to the Ultra plate so that it can be transported on bags using bungie cords or carabiners; there are also three countersunk holes for screwing the plate to a surface, such as a wood post. Finally, the plate also has two belt slots for strapping the tripod to irregularly shaped or vertical surfaces. The company is including a Velcro cinch strap with the kit.

The company is also launching a multi-accessory kit with accessories for both the Ultra and Max models. This kit includes a non-slip pad, 36-inch cinch strap, 3-inch spigot adapter, and a riser for certain tripod ball heads.

The Kickstarter campaign has exceeded its funding goal with more than two weeks remaining. The company is offering backers who pledge at least $49 a single Ultra unit, while a $69 pledge will also include the multi-accessory kit. Shipping to backers is estimated to start this upcoming July.

Via: Kickstarter