Camera and smartphone users who want to make the most of their device's microSD card slot have a new option. PNY today announced a new 512 GB microSD card, equaling the capacity of Integral's latest offering and surpassing the 400GB SanDisk model launched in August 2017.

In terms of speed, PNY quotes a 'transfer speed' of 90MB/sec, which makes the PNY 512GB Elite slightly faster (at least on paper) than the Integral which maxes out at 80MB/sec, but if absolute speed is a priority, at 100MB/sec the SanDisk still leads the pack. All three cards carry the UHS-I, U1 label with Class 10 and V10 speed specification.

Priced at $349, the new card isn't cheap but offers heaps of storage capacity. According to PNY, it holds up to 80 hours of Full HD video recording or up to 100,000 18MP photos. This should make it an attractive option for anyone who likes to carry entire media libraries on their phone but could also be useful for drone photographers and other professionals.

More information is available on the PNY website.