Late last year, Phase One announced an update to its Capture One image processing software that, amongst other features and tools, added the ability to use third-party plug-ins on both the macOS and Windows versions. Now, the JPEG compression program JPEGmini is making the most of the new plug-in support with a new Capture One version of its technology.

Like its Lightroom plugin, the plug-in allows you to export images from Capture One 12 with JPEGmini’s compression applied using Capture One’s Publish menu (or via the ‘Open With’ action).

JPEGmini doesn’t give a specific amount of size difference it expects its plug-in to make, but in our tests using full-size JPEGs captured with an EOS R and exported from Capture One 12, we saw a final image that was nearly a 25% the size of a standard JPEG saved with Capture One 12 (30MB files down to 7-8MB files).

In an attempt to simplify its product lineup, JPEGmini is including the Capture One 12 plug-in as part of a new Pro Suite solution that also includes the JPEGmini standalone app, Lightroom plug-in and Photoshop extension. With the new lineup, the JPEGmini Pro standalone app is available for $59, while the JPEGmini Pro Suite costs $89.

You can download a trial version of the JPEGmini Pro App and JPEGmini Pro Suite on JPEGmini’s website.