Expect to see a lot more cinemagraphs on photo sharing sites thanks to Tyra Banks.

Just when you thought cinemagraphs were no longer trendy, they're back in the news thanks to Tyra Banks' investment in Flixel and the company's Cinemagraph and Cinemagraph Pro iOS apps.

But it's not just the dollar investment and the ability of the company to leverage Tyra Banks' name that will likely bring an infusion of  cinemagrams to photo sharing sites everywhere. Banks is showcasing fashion cinemagrams on America's Next Top Model and that's sure to make Flixel's apps and "Living Photos" tagline even more popular than "smizing" (the term Banks coined when admonishing ANTM participants to "smile with your eyes").

It's certainly not the fashion world's first love affair with this type of animated GIF in which typically only a portion of the scene or subject moves. Model Coco Rocha was one of the first to help demonstrate the captivating effect of such subtly shifting images.

Macy's used Flixel's app to create a series of cinemagraphs for its Marilyn Collection of clothing. (see video below for more).

Macy's has also recently turned to Flixel's Cinemagraph Pro to create moving images that show off its Marilyn Collection.

Cinemagraph is free and Cinemagraph Pro is $9.99 and can produce HD output with a (gasp) $20 in-app purchase.  Both are universal apps and require iOS 6.