Paul C. Buff Inc., the company known for its professional lighting products, has introduced LINK 800WS, a new portable flash unit that features up to 800 watts of power, multiple shooting modes, 1 to 10 adjustable f-stops and a digital LCD. The product's name refers to the company's effort to link its 'past products with currently photography needs,' according to the PCB.

The LINK 800WS flash unit is Paul C. Buff Inc.'s most powerful and versatile light ever launched. The product packs a daylight-balanced LED modeling light and detachable battery into an all-metal housing; the model supports umbrella rods up to 9mm and has a stand mount that supports up to 5/8in stands. The portable flash unit is fairly compact at 16.5cm x 12.1cm x 32cm (6.5in x 4.8in x 12.6in) with a weight of 3.9kg (8lbs, 7oz) including the battery.

In addition to HSS / TTL modes, the LINK 800WS also features an Action Mode and a Color Mode. Other features include 3.5s recycle time, 8.8cm (3.5in) LCD, plug-and-play support for 100 to 240 voltages, +/- 100K color consistency at any power level, support for speeds up to 1/15,000s and an included magnetic rubber diffusion dome.

The LINK 800WS is currently listed on the Paul C. Buff Inc. website for $895.95, but the company says it won't be available to purchase until Spring 2020. The light will work with the new HUB remote and BUFF mobile app on iOS and Android. Buyers will have the option of choosing a LINK 800WS bundle that includes the flash, charger, battery, and the HUB remote for Nikon or Canon (or, later on, Sony) for $1,196.