Flickr has announced it is officially rolling out a new login experience for Flickr, ridding the need for users to go through Yahoo's login portal.

The updated login, which has been the number one feature request since Flickr was acquired by SmugMug, will roll out to more than 100 million accounts starting today, Monday, March 4. As the feature rolls out, users will be able to log in with whatever email and password they see fit.

'Once the update is available to you, you’ll be led through a process that will allow you to select new login credentials including a new password,' reads Flickr's announcement blog post. 'Initially you’ll be required to use one of the email addresses currently attached to your Flickr account. If you’d like to specify a new one after you’ve completed the login upgrade process, you’ll be able to change it in your account settings.'

Flickr notes that you'll need your old Yahoo login credentials on-hand to ensure the transition goes smoothly.