Flash manufacturer Nissin has announced a hotshoe flash unit that features a guide number of 60m and the company’s NAS 2.4GHz radio wireless control system. The Nissin i60A can control three groups of flashes in its role as a commander, or it can be controlled via another Nissin flash unit (only the Di700A at the moment) equipped with the NAS system or by the company’s Air 1 commander unit. Although each unit will have a TTL system dedicated to the mount it is designed for, the i60A also comes with multiple control systems built-in. This means that every flash can be used off-camera in an optically connected network of Canon, Nikon and Sony TTL flashes, no matter the mount. The i60A is equipped with 8 channels.

The zoom head covers focal lengths of 24-200mm, and it is at the 200mm that the quoted GN60m@100 ISO has been measured. The unit has been designed to be small so that it will be attractive to owners of compact system cameras - it measures 98x73x112mm and weighs 300g without batteries. Manual control allows 1/3-stop increments from full power to 1/256th, and auto exposure compensation is available up to +/-2EV.

The head rotates 180° and tilts directly upwards, and the unit is powered by 4AA cells, that Nissin says will provide 220 full power bursts, or via an external battery pack.

The Nissin i60A will be available for Nikon, Canon cameras in May 2016, and Micro Four Thirds, Sony and Fujifilm cameras in the future. No pricing information has been released yet. Nissin doesn’t have any English information posted yet, but there is a Japanese press release PDF on the website.