The Lumia 2520's 10-inch screen has plenty of room for intricate photo apps.

'Tis the season for the release of new gadgets and gizmos galore, such as the Lumia 2520, which arrives in U.S. stores today. If you've just gotten home with your new Nokia tablet, we've got a few apps to get you started with Windows tablet photo editing.

Unlike the other Windows Phone 8 Nokia devices, the Lumia 2520 runs Windows RT 8. Even though there are less apps available for Windows 8 RT than Windows Phone 8, the quality of apps is much higher; the apps that do make it into the Windows RT 8 Store are designed to work well on a larger display. Some of our favorite Windows Phone 8 apps have adapted for the big screen and some apps are exclusive to Microsoft's tablet app ecosystem. Whether you will be using your Windows RT 8 tablet to edit photos from a DSLR or Lumia smartphone, these five apps will help you along the way.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express; Free

Use sliders to perform some of the basic edits from Adobe's full-featured software.

Nope, that's not a typo. You can get the basic tools from Adobe Photo for free. So far, Adobe's been holding out on releasing a Photoshop app for Windows Phone 8, but if you have a tablet Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows RT 8 lets you crop, straighten and rotate your photos as well as adjust exposure, contrast, clarity, and vibrance.

With Adobe Photoshop Express, you get the familiar interface of Adobe software optimized for a tablet. Unfortunately, this app is not as extensive as Adobe's Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS, but it will give you the basic editing tools that you are accustomed to if you use Photoshop on your desktop. And the best part about this app? It's free.

2. Fotor; Free

Fotor allows for Raw image conversion and has white balance correction.

As an app, Fotor does almost everything you need for one-stop photo editing. It's got Raw photo conversion (especially helpful if you have a Lumia 1520 or 1020), extensive editing tools, collaging and tilt-shift effects. With one-touch enhancements as well as more than 60 effects, Fotor can be quick and easy, or you can dig in and get more complicated with your edits.

3. Photo Editor (by Aviary); Free

Aviary does everything from saturation adjustment to teeth whitening.

It seems like no matter what mobile platform I'm using, Aviary has an app available. Windows RT 8 is no exception. With the same powerful editing tools that gave Flickr its groove back, Aviary is a great photography app with a simple user interface. Use the tools to crop, adjust brightness or even remove blemishes. If you want to add some flair, you can use filters or put silly stickers in your composition. But don't worry, Photo Editor is a clean editing app with no Purikura bloat and will only get silly if you let it.

4. Fhotoroom; Free

Fhotoroom can handle photos over 40MP and will also convert Raw images.

Nokia's Raw-capable devices open a new world of photographic possibilities, but also mean you better have a go-to app to convert and edit those giant Raw files. Fhotoroom for Windows RT 8 can handle 40+MP images as well as Raw files (unfortunately, its Windows Phone 8 counterpart maxes out at 22MP). With dozens of customizable effects, Fhotoroom uses both composition-wide filters and brush tools for editing, so you can be as broad or precise as you need to.

5. Pic Stitch; $1.99

With up to 232 different lay outs, Pic Stich lets you showcase your photos in grids.

What good are the 10 amazing photos from your most recent trip to the aquarium if your Facebook friends only have the patience to look at one? Give your friends a break and use a grid to combine your images. I got to know Pic Stitch on my iPhone, where the app quickly became one of my most used editing tools.

On a tablet's big screen, you get a much better user experience in Pic Stitch. Instead of having to click back and forth from your image gallery to the final grid, you can view both side by side, making your editing process much easier. Add individual filters to each of your photos and share to Facebook, Flickr or Tumblr when you're done.