The Shutterbug Remote plugs into your DSLR's shutter release port and lets you wirelessly control your camera via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The creators of the Shutterbug Remote have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support efforts to bring a more sophisticated version of their product to market.

The current product is a small device that plugs into a DSLR's shutter release port via a camera-compatible cable (not included) and allows you to wirelessly control numerous camera operations using the free Shutterbug Remote iOS app installed on a compatible Apple device such as the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5th generation iPod Touch or the new iPad and iPad mini running iOS 6.1 or later. Shutterbug Remote uses Bluetooth Low Energy standard to conserve battery life.

Helpful for time lapse, time delay, night photography, HDR bracketing and more, the Shutterbug Remote lets you remotely control focus and trigger the shutter from your mobile. Long exposures, including a bulb setting for extended exposures and an intervalometer for timelapse are also available, as well as delay, ramp and mirror lockup. Direct line of sight is not required for app-to-remote communication, which is possible at up to 300 feet. Once the camera is set up to shoot, it will perform as programmed even when the iOS device is turned off. You can launch the app again to check how many images are left in a timelapse capture or the remaining time in a long exposure.

Developers hope to extend the product's capabilties and compatibility further through a new campaign to crowdsource funding in support of both new hardware and software — and hopefully an Android version. Supporters can participate at several different price levels, including a $69 pledge that promises one of the new Shutterbug Remotes from the first production run slated for this September (a $10 savings off the current product price).