A screenshot of the countdown timer on the OM Systems website.

OM Digital Solutions has posted a teaser on its OM System website counting down to a new product launch set to take place on February 15, 2022 at 1am EST / 7am CET / 5pm AEDT. OM Digital Solutions says the event will take place via livestream on its OM Systems YouTube channel.

The new teaser countdown comes on the heels of OM Digital Solutions' video series wherein they highlight five photographers — Ben Knoot, Alvara Sanz, Chris Eyre-Walker, Michaela Skouranova, Hannu Huhtamo — as they share little snippets of each of them on photo assignments. In the videos, a few of the photographers are seen shooting with Olympus glass attached to a camera that’s always cleverly hidden from view.

Whether this unseen camera is the new product we can expect to be announced remains to be seen, but at the end of the final teaser we see a final image, embedded above, announcing the same release date as the countdown.

If this is to be the new ‘wow’ camera OM Digital Systems has been teasing, it will be the first camera system from OM Digital Systems released under the OM System name.