Anthropics Technology, the makers of the PortraitPro software application, has announced a program that it claims ‘radically simplifies and speeds up’ dramatic reworking of landscape images. LandscapePro offers tools for replacing skies, enhancing water and altering the direction of the light using automatic selection techniques and ‘one-click’ pre-sets. The company says that users will need ‘no prior knowledge or technical skills’ to use the program.

LandscapePro invites users to drag labels, such as ‘grass’, ‘sky’ and ‘water’ on to the relevant areas of an image and the software automatically makes an adjustable selection of that area. A collection of sliders and filters then makes it possible to adjust or replace each type of element. A depth of field simulator can create blur at certain distances while further controls allow photographers to emphasize distance through coloration.

Color temperatures can be adjusted using pre-sets with atmospheric labels to simulate sunset or stormy conditions, and ‘common objects’ such as grass and sand have their own pre-sets as well. There is also a tool that helps to select areas of sky through the branches of a tree.

There are two versions of LandscapePro: Standard and Studio. The Studio version works with Raw files and has options to operate as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements among other differences.

The Standard version costs $79.90/£59.90 while the Studio version costs $119.90/£99.90, though both are offered at 50% off at the moment.

For more information, and a free trial, visit the LandscapePro website.

Press release:

LandscapePro Launched

New, easy way to enhance landscape photos

Anthropics Technology today announced the launch of LandscapePro, the industry’s first intelligent landscape photo editing software, available in standalone and Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements plug-in editions. The new software radically simplifies and speeds up outdoor and nature photo retouching. It includes landscape relighting, sky replacement, 3D depth estimation, a depth of field simulator, distance controls, intelligent selection tools, and photo-adaptive controls among other powerful features. With one-click presets and targeted editing available, users can create beautiful landscapes in seconds.

LandscapePro is a new way to enhance pictures that rises to the challenges and nuances of landscape photography. It assumes no prior knowledge or technical skills, and photographers can create unique, dramatic effects quickly. The new product comes from the makers of the award-winning retouching software PortraitPro and PortraitPro Studio with a plug-in mode for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple Aperture.

“Inspired by the success of Anthropics’s PortraitPro software, we are delighted to introduce a new product to help photographers expand their creativity and take landscape retouching to the next level,” said Andrew Berend, CEO, Anthropics. “LandscapePro offers an innovative and easy way to create stunning landscape photography, and can be used by novices or experienced photographers alike. As its intelligent controls uniquely adapt to the features of each photo, it enables photographers to do incredible things with their outdoor photos simply by using sliders.”

Key Features

Easily enhance landscape photos. LandscapePro contains a host of unique tools to enable anyone to create beautiful scenic photographs.

  • Intelligent selection tools.
  • Unique editing controls that adapt to the photo.
  • Easy-to-use slider interface.
  • No technical skills required.
  • LandscapePro Studio handles RAW files and can be run as a Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements plug-in.

Expand your creativity. Create unique, breathtaking scenes. LandscapePro effects are specifically tailored to landscape photography.

  • Landscape relighting. Lighting adjustment to fit any creative goals: change light source, temperature, time of day, or go from dawn to sunset. Note how the side lighting brings out the texture on the ground.
  • Instant sky replacement with presets. The unique sky controls enable photographers to replace sky, change clouds, or cast cloud shadows. Note how the change in sky has automatically relit the ground.
  • Cloud and atmosphere adjustment. Tools to manipulate skies by separately adjusting the clouds and the atmosphere behind them.
  • 3D depth estimation. A unique, easy-to-use depth of field simulator respects 3D objects in the scene. As easy as using a single slider.
  • Distance controls. Change colors in the image depending on the distance to the camera - make distant objects bluer, highlight the middle distance, or add fog.
  • Landscape-specific tools for dealing with common issues such as selecting small patches of sky behind trees.
  • Color adjustment tools targeted at common objects in landscapes, e.g. tools to make grass look lush, change the color of the sea, or to make sand golden.
  • One-click presets such as wet sand, stormy water, red sunset, lush trees.
  • Automatic area selection. Tag areas as sky, trees, buildings, grass, sand, rock, water and the selection will be applied instantly.
  • Targeted editing. Specially designed controls for different areas, e.g. change clouds to stormy or add thunder clouds, adjust waves, or add sunrise reflection to the sea.
  • Whole picture and individual object enhancements. Transform the whole photo instantly or use a new workflow where you select several objects in your scene first, before editing.


LandscapePro Standard - dedicated landscape photo editing.
LandscapePro Studio - handles RAW files, 48 bit per color TIFFs, supports different color spaces, and can be run as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements.

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