Yongnuo has announced a new version of its popular YN685 Speedlite for Canon and Nikon cameras. The Yongnuo YN685 II is a refreshed version of the YN685, which released in 2015.

The YN685 II incorporates many of the same features of the YN685 while making a handful of minor changes and improvements. The exterior design of the YN685 II is essentially identical, save for the addition of a USB port. Users can update the YN 685 II's firmware using the new USB port. On the original YN685, you had to use a YN622 trigger to send a firmware update to the speedlight.

YN685 (left) versus YN685 II (right)

The YN685 II, like its predecessor, includes an integrated 2.4 GHz trigger. Likewise, the new flash is compatible with Yongnuo's wireless TTL system, allowing photographers to use the same YN622 series of radio remotes. The flash can be manually triggered and remotely controlled using the YN560-TX (Canon and Nikon) flash triggers. The YN685 II is also compatible with the YN560IV, the company's flash with a built-in controller. Yongnuo RF-605 triggers offer wireless group control, and RF-603 and RF-603 II radios allow you to synchronize YN685 II speedlights.

YN685 (left) versus YN685 II (right)

In terms of performance, Lighting Rumours reports the YN685 II's performance is consistent with its predecessor. The new flash has a GN60 (at 200m), offers high-speed sync (up to 1/8000s), and has a zoom range of 20-200mm, although it can go down to 14mm when using the built-in pullout diffuser. Lighting Rumours states that the new version has a faster recycle time of 2 seconds. On B&H, the original YN685 has a stated recycle time of 3 seconds, although Yongnuo itself says 'about 2 seconds.'

The YN685 II is basically identical to the YN685, although it promises slightly improved performance and now includes a built-in USB port, which can be used to update the flash's firmware.

The YN685 II is powered by 4 AA batteries, like the YN685, and can also be powered via an external power source using the HV power port. The flash head tilts up to 90° and rotates 180° left and right. The new model retains the same control layout and LCD.

Yongnuo's website doesn't list the YN685 II yet, but you can view the product pages on B&H for the Canon and Nikon versions of the speedlight. The YN685 II will cost $130, a $15 increase over the YN685, which is still available.