Cyclops Gear has introduced its new Cyclops 360 (CG360), a camera designed to record your motorsport advenuters with a single super-wide lens for recording 360-degree horizontal panoramas. The CG360 can snap 16MP still images and record videos at resolutions up to 4K/30fps; content is saved to an included 32GB microSD card. A compatible waterproof housing allows the camera to be used underwater as deep as 50m / 164ft.

Cyclops 360 features a total of 16 effects and modes, including time lapse, slow motion and loop recording, along with a driving mode that automatically starts recording when you start your engine. The camera can be remotely accessed and controlled via its built-in WiFi and the related CG360 mobile app for Android and iOS. Ten mounting accessories are included with the camera, among them being a magnetic mount for attaching the camera to vehicles for 'vibration-free' recording.

Cyclops Gear is only offering the CG360 through power sports dealers, aiming the camera at off-roaders and others who want to record content by mounting the camera on a vehicle. The Cyclops 360 is currently available through Can-Am for $350.

Via: Digital Trends