Outex has launched a clear version of its rubber underwater camera 'housing' via Kickstarter, where it is seeking $35k in funding to bring the product to market and help even more people get into underwater photography without breaking the bank.

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This clear version joins the company's original rubber sleeve, which features a solid blueish color with the exception of the lens cover. The clear design, according to Outex, makes it easier to adjust camera settings after putting the camera in the sleeve. And while the Kickstarter doesn't mention it explicitly, we assume this version features the same IP08 rated waterproof design as the blue version, which can withstand depths up to 10 meters or about 33 feet.

Unlike most camera housings, which are made of rigid materials and designed to fit a specific camera, Outex's rubber sleeve stretches to accommodate a variety of camera and lens shapes and sizes. Additionally, Outex says its new model has an "improved material composition" that makes both installation and removal easier by offering increased malleability and elasticity.

Finally, Outex says the housing covers also have better longevity thanks to a reformulated compound design and better manufacturing process.

As of this writing, Outex is about $10,000 of the way to its $35K goal with 31 days to go, but if the Kickstarter campaign brings in enough funds to meet certain stretch goals, Outex will also launch covers for mirrorless and compact cameras ($75k goal), large-body cameras ($150k goal), and even covers that can accommodate pistol grips and tripods ($175k goal).

The Kickstarter campaign is offering backers one clear cover for pledges of at least $100. Assuming the funding goal is met and everything goes according to plan (NEVER a guarantee), backers will receive their products in January 2018.