Image via Apple

In a conversation with several media outlets, Apple has reportedly apologized for disappointing customers of its Mac Pro desktop, and says that a re-imagined version is on the way. The company is also working on a new pro display and higher-end iMacs.

The unusually-shaped Mac Pro was introduced in 2013 and hasn't seen an update since then. Depending on your viewpoint, that changed today when the company announced a change in pricing that upgrades the $3000 entry-level models specs. But the hardware essentially remains the same, and Apple says that an updated version wouldn't be available anytime this year, at least.

According to reports from Buzzfeed and TechCrunch, Apple execs cited the Mac Pro's unusual design as a contributor to its problems. The company has been unable to upgrade its hardware to keep pace with the needs of pro users. A design that was touted for its ability to dissipate heat evenly turned out to be its downfall when the industry began embracing large, single GPUs rather than the Mac Pro's approach using two smaller chips.

Mac Pro users aren't alone in their frustration with Apple – the latest Macbook Pro refresh brought rounds of criticism from photographers and other professionals unhappy with the the lack of an SD card slot and traditional USB ports.

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