Taking a photo of a dog or cat can be difficult, but here to help is Flexy Paw, a smartphone attachment that dangles a treat above the device's camera. The treat serves as a lure to catch the animal's attention, giving photographers a chance to snap to a photo. Because the attachment clips to the phone, it can be connected to nearly any smartphone, and keeps the user's hands free to compose and take the photo.

The clip holding the pet treat is attached to a flexible armature, enabling the photographer to reposition it out of the camera's field of view, as well as move it to one side or the other for posing purposes. Once the photo is snapped, of course, the pet can then be rewarded with the treat.

Flexy Paw is being funded through Kickstarter by Paw Champ, which is seeking $39,000 in funds. Backers who pledge $16 or more will be rewarded with a single Flexy Paw unit, while $32 or more gets backers two units. Shipping to Kickstarter backers is expected to start in November 2017.