Facebook's optional Photo Sync will automatically upload your photos to a private folder.

Facebook has opened its Photo Syncing option to iOS users. Photo Sync, made available for Android users earlier this year on the social networking's mobile app, allows Facebook users to automatically and privately upload up to 2GB of photos to Facebook. Users can then choose to share their photos, or not. The feature is being tested on both platforms now, not all users will see the functionality on their mobile app.

For Facebook users concerned about their privacy, know that Photo Sync will only upload your photos if you turn it on. iPhone users need iOS 6 as well as the latest version of the Facebook app in order for Photo Sync to work. To turn on Photo Sync, go to the Photos section in your left-side navigation bar. There, you should find the "Sync" button. This is where you can start following the step-by-step set up instructions.

Once you turn on Photo Sync, Facebook will try to upload your photos as soon as you take them. Facebook does take into account your battery life and will not upload photos if you are low on juice. Additionally, you can set up Photo Sync to only upload photos when you are connected to Wi-Fi so your data usage doesn't go through the roof.

Facebook’s help page has all the details.

What do you think: will you use Facebook's Photo Sync?