In a newly released video, Sigma tests the strength of its protective ceramic lens filters in an impact test. Putting claims of toughness to the test, the video shows a 49g / 1.7oz metal ball dropped from a height of about 1.3m / 4ft onto the WR Ceramic Protector as well as three competing lens filters. While the ceramic protector survives unscathed, the competition isn't so lucky.

In addition to its WR Ceramic Protector, the video features a 'conventional protector,' 'Brand A Chemically Strengthened Glass Protector,' and a 'Brand B Chemically Strengthened Glass UV Filter.' According to Sigma, the WR Ceramic Protector is 1000% stronger than a conventional protector and 300% stronger than a chemically strengthened glass filter. The ceramic filters are also scratch-resistant with a water-repellant coating.

Sigma has a half dozen new WR Ceramic Protectors available now:

  • 67mm for $93 USD
  • 72mm for $108 USD
  • 77mm for $118 USD
  • 86mm for $202 USD
  • 95mm for $247 USD
  • 105mm for $315 USD

Via: Sigma Blog