DPReview reader and Fujifilm X-Pro 3 owner Etienne Waldron shared the above photo in an attempt to demonstrate the brightness issue with the EVF display inside his unit.

Following concerns shared in the DPReview forums and on Fuji X Forums, Fujifilm has confirmed to DPReview that a 'very small percentage' of its X-Pro3 cameras are experiencing an issue that impacts the electronic viewfinder. As reported by impacted camera owners, including DPReview reader Etienne Waldron, who kindly shared the photos in this article with us, this issue causes the display in the EVF to appear substantially overexposed, though the problem doesn't impact the model's LCD.

The brightness issue doesn't just affect the image either—reports note it's apparent throughout the menu as well.

The exact cause of this issue is unclear at this time, and Fujifilm's below statement doesn't divulge what exactly is going on, but it appears to be a hardware defect rather than a software problem. Fuji is merely advising impacted customers to get in contact with its customer service for help, with a Fujifilm spokesperson telling DPReview the following in a statement via email:

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'Our customers are always our number one priority. We take feedback to heart and always strive to provide the highest possible quality in our products. We are aware of the phenomenon affecting the viewfinder in a very small percentage of X-Pro3 units. We advise our customers to contact Fujifilm customer service directly to solve any questions or concerns they may have about the camera.'

Note the difference between the flip-down LCD and the EVF.

This issue is particularly frustrating for users in light of the camera's EVF-centric design. The model features a hidden flip-down LCD that limits the ways in which the camera can be used in the absence of the viewfinder. Because the defect is causing a very overexposed image, the EVF is essentially unusable for impacted camera owners. Unfortunately, replacing the faulty camera is the only known solution to the problem at this time.