An Iñupiaq whaling crew cleans the hide of a polar bear that attacked their camp the previous day. Many Iñupiaq believe that declining sea ice has lead to these animals starving.
Photo by Kiliii Yüyan

Seattle-based photographer and traditional kayak-maker Kiliii Yüyan has spent years documenting the lives of people who live at the edges of the world. We've had the pleasure of working alongside him in Seattle and Alaska, but his work has also taken him as far as central Australia and Scandinavia.

In an interview with the World Photography Organization, Kiliii goes into detail about his current project, featuring the Iñupiaq whaling community of Utqiagviq (formerly known as Barrow, AK) and explains what motivates him as a photographer.

A humpback whale and calf feed on anchovies in the waters of Monterey Bay.
Photo by Kiliii Yüyan
California Condors feed on a stillborn calf. Photo by Kiliii Yüyan

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