Screenshot from the NHK World-Japan newscast.

A news report from NHK World-Japan claims a crazed fan used eye reflections in images uploaded to social media, among other things, to track down a famous Japanese pop star's condominium in Tokyo where he allegedly assaulted her.

The report claims Hibiki Sato admitted to figuring out which train station the star left to walk home by studying the light direction visible in some of her videos, as well as a reflection of the station visible in her eyes in an image she uploaded to social media. Equipped with those details, Sato allegedly waited at the station for the pop star to arrive, followed her to her residence, and assaulted her.

Though the situation is bizarre, the idea of high-resolution images inadvertently revealing information via eye reflections isn't new. In 2013, for example, a study published in PLOS revealed that it is possible to extract images of identifiable bystanders from eye reflections captured in high-resolution images. The technique was presented as a potential tool for helping law enforcement gather data as part of investigations, but it's clear the concept can be used by anyone for nefarious reasons as well.