Instagram is arguably the most popular image filter and sharing app for mobile devices but its feature set has remained almost unchanged since it was introduced, with a relatively small number of effects, and little control over them. As a consequence many mobile photographers have taken to working on their images in dedicated editing apps, such as Snapseed or Pixlr, before posting them on Instagram.

The latest version 6 update to the Android and iOS versions of Instagram might be set to remove the additional editing step from many mobile photographers' work flows. Version 6 now offers control over filter strength and a range of new editing options, including brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, shadows and vignette.

You get to the filter strength slider by double-tapping the filter icon. Sliders for the other parameters can be accessed via the wrench icon above the filter selection. If you want to try out the new features you can download version 6 of Instagram from the Google Play Store for you Android device or in the Apple App Store for your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Source: Instagram