Photographer Steve Huff has published a new video in which he subjects Sony's Tough SD cards to a variety of durability tests involving everything from a washing machine to a blender. According to Sony, it engineered this SD card model ‘for toughness,’ stating on its website that the Tough cards are ‘dust, dirt, water, mud, and grime-proof.’

The Sony Tough SD card has an IP68 dustproof and waterproof rating, as well as a rib-less and switchless design, which Sony says eliminates 'risks of breakage.' Ultimately, the company claims its Tough cards at shock- and crush-proof.

Of course, this doesn't mean the cards are indestructible, as demonstrated by Huff. The SD cards were no match for the blender, which immediately rendered them into small bits of plastic and metal. The Sony Tough cards were able to withstand the other tests, however, including cycles through a washer and dryer, being frozen in water, submerged in a pool and left out in sunlight.