Over the past week, Zenit has announced three new lenses: the Zenitar 60mm F2.8 macro lens, the Selena 58mm F1.9 lens and the Zenitar 35mm F2 lens. All three lenses will feature electronically-controlled apertures and are set to be available later this year.

Krasnogorsky Zavod main building. Credit: ПАО КМЗ, used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Zenit doesn’t divulge too many details about the lenses, aside from the most basic specifications. In machine-translated press releases, Zenit says all three lenses will be constructed in the S. A. Zverev (KMZ) factory in Krasnogorsk, Russia, which has a long history of producing cameras and optics.

The Zenitar 60mm F2.8 macro lens will offer a 1:1 magnification ratio and feature a minimum focusing distance of 23cm (9”). Information on the Selena 58mm F1.9 is even more scarce, with no other specifications outside of the focal length and maximum aperture being revealed. Both the Zenitar 60mm F2.8 and Selena 58mm F1.9 will be available in Canon EF and Nikon F mount at release.

As with the previous two lenses, detailed specifications of the Zenitar 35mm F2 aren’t provided, but we do know it will be available for Sony E-mount cameras. Zenit says it plans to release future versions for other mirrorless mounts as well.

All three lenses are set to go on sale in the United States, Germany, Italy and China through Zenit’s online store and authorized retailers. The press releases suggest the lenses will be made available during the International Forum on Photography and Video Filming, which takes place from October 8–10 in Moscow.

Update (August 10, 2020 10:00 AM ET): Added details about the forthcoming Zenitar 35mm F2 lens and confirmed the mount options for the Zenitar 60mm F2.8 macro and Selena 58mm F1.9.