Flickr has notified its Pro subscribers about a price increase that brings the current annual rate to $60, a ten dollar increase over the previous $50 annual fee. Customers are also offered other plan options, such as a monthly subscription for $7, a three-month subscription for $19 and a two-year subscription for $118.

The price increase is not surprising in light of CEO Don MacAskill's impassioned plea for more Flickr Pro subscribers published in mid-December. In it, MacAskill explained that parent company SmugMug didn't acquire Flickr because it is a wealthy company -- in fact, MacAskill says, 'Flickr was losing tens of millions of dollars a year.'

Despite the work that SmugMug put into Flickr, MacAskill had explained that the company was still losing money and that it needed more of its users to sign up for the Pro subscription. This subscription offers a number of benefits for users, including unlimited storage, ad-free browsing, discounts from partners, access to advanced account states, priority exposure in the service's Explore section and more.

The price increase went into effect yesterday, on Tuesday, January 21. Existing Pro customers are given the option of immediately renewing their plan at the lower price using a link in the notification email sent to users. In explaining why it decided to increase the price, Flickr points toward MacAskill's December letter and states that the company 'cannot continue to operate at a loss.'