iOS 10 finally brings Raw capture and editing to the iPhone, and a range of camera and editing apps have already integrated the new feature. The RAW by 500px app does the same but takes things a step further by adding image licensing and on-demand photography assignments to the feature set.

After editing your images, they can be submitted to 500px for licensing. Photographers can earn up to 60% commission if an image is licensed to publishers, advertisers or marketers. In the near future users of the app will also be notified of on-demand photography assignments in their geographical area.

“With RAW, we set out to create a great capture and edit experience that photographers could have fun and be familiar with. Something that feels like it should be part of our everyday photography workflow on mobile,” Adam Shutsa, VP of Design at 500px shares. “After speaking to many community members, we made sure this app would fit your processing workflow and needs.”

In addition to the usual exposure and tonal parameters, Raw editing tools include hue, saturation and luminance by color. The app allows you to save your favorite settings as a custom filter and, if that sounds too much work, you can alternatively use one of the community filters that have been created by photographers around the world. RAW by 500px is now available on the App Store.