Having gear stolen is many photographers' worst nightmare. Even when taking sensible precautions, you can still lose your gear. Kuvrd aims to fix that by making your gear easier to track and recover with its new camera cap, CosmoCap, and the accompanying Satellite pouch.

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CosmoCap allows you to place an Apple AirTag, Tile Pro/Sticker or other tracker devices into a hidden cavity within the CosmoCap. The tracker is placed inside an elastic silicon pouch that Kuvrd calls a Satellite. It's a small, elastic pouch. The tracker goes inside the cap, so it's not visible from the outside to would-be thieves.

The CosmoCap is available in Sony E + Cine PL and Canon EF/RF + Cine PL variants. The cap has a diamond-knurled grippy surface and is made using industrial-grade materials.

You may wonder why you need an AirTag inside your camera cap. However, it's not the first time we've seen a product like this. Earlier this year, we shared news of a similar camera cap, AirCap. The AirCap is available for $49 and comes in Canon EF, Canon RF, Fuji GFX, Nikon F, Nikon Z, Phase One XF, PL and Sony E mount. The AirCap uses four neodymium magnets to keep a removable compartment secured. Within the compartment, you can fit an Apple AirTag.

AirTags have helped photographers recover stolen gear on multiple occasions. Australian photographer Graham Tait was reunited with roughly $10,000 worth of gear after following AirTags he'd attached to his bag. Photographer Alex Garcia chased down a stolen camera bag at an airport thanks to his AirTag. Of course, as thieves get more used to AirTags being attached to bags, it becomes more important to find clever ways to hide AirTags on your most precious belongings, which is where AirTags hidden within camera body caps excel.

The CosmoCap is available to Kickstarter backers for $50. You'll choose between Canon and Sony versions after the campaign, which has already reached its funding goal, ends.

The Satellites are available separately in a four-pack for $15. The Satellites come with strong adhesive to attach a tag inside the silicon pouch on many different objects, not just inside the CosmoCap. You could put a Satellite inside your camera bag, underneath a bicycle seat, or even on your car. You can track many different objects using the Satellite. There's also a bundle pack for the CosmoCap and four Satellites for $63, a $37 savings compared to the eventual retail price. The CosmoCap and Satellite are estimated to be available next June.

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