Meyer Optik Görlitz has announced the release of the Primoplan 58mm F1.9 II lens for an array of full frame and crop camera systems.

As with Meyer Optik Görlitz’s other second-generation lenses — denoted by the ‘II’ in the name — the Primoplan 58mm F1.9 II will offer the same visual characteristics of its first-generation counterpart, but will use higher-quality materials and a better production process.

‘The initial Primoplan 58 f1.9 was developed by the brilliant Meyer-Optik designer Paul Schäfter 80 years ago,’ says Meyer Optik Görlitz. ‘Its light intensity of 1:1.9, which was considered extremely high back then, made the Primoplan 58 f1.9 one of the most exciting lenses of its time.’

Below are a set of sample images, provided by Meyer Optik Görlitz:

The all-manual Primoplan 58mm F1.9 II is constructed of five elements in four groups, has an aperture range of F1.9 through F22, uses a 12-blade aperture diaphragm and has a minimum focusing distance of 60cm (2ft).

The Primoplan 58mm F1.9 II lens is currently available to pre-order (B&H) for Canon EF, Fuji X, Leica L, Leica M, M42, MFT, Nikon F, Pentax K and Sony E mount camera systems for $899 across the board.