Sony, which has four large factories in China, has expressed concerns that the ongoing outbreak of a novel coronavirus in the country may negatively impact its image sensor business. It remains unclear just how infectious the coronavirus is, making it difficult to estimate how extensively it may spread and how it may impact a variety of industries.

Sony CFO Hiroko Totoki warned that the coronavirus outbreak may 'negate our revised earnings outlook,' referring to the high demand the company has experienced. According to Nikkei Asian Review, Sony is concerned that the outbreak may disrupt its supply chains, potentially disrupting its image sensor and electronic businesses, both of which could be 'affected enormously,' according to Totoki.

In addition to impacting its image sensor business, Nikkei reports that disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak may also impact Sony's PlayStation 4 production, though this ultimately depends on which plants may be affected. Beyond that, Sony Pictures and Sony Music Entertainment may also take hits if the outbreak results in movie and concert cancellations.