Adobe has announced that Photoshop CC now supports the Touch Bar found on certain models of the new Apple MacBook Pro. Three categories of Touch Bar functions are currently supported, including brush selection, customized favorite actions and layer properties. The update that brings this new support is available to download now. 

When using the Layer Properties section with the Touch Bar, Photoshop CC users can access various tools and options related to layers, including Select & Mask, switching between blend modes, placing a Smart Object, clipping layers and scrolling through the layer history. The Brushes section is similar, lending access to brush settings like opacity and flow, size, color, and hardness.

Finally, the Touch Bar also provides access to Favorites, of which users can create their own favorite actions. Says Adobe, users can gain quick access to, for example, Flip Horizontal/Vertical, Full screen mode and the macOS share menu. Additionally, users can set up actions involving the Brushes and Layer Properties categories.

Via: Adobe Blogs