A new crowdfunding project on Kickstarter is looking to raise funding for the production and distribution of the GekkoGum camera support. GekkoGum is made from an odorless and grease-free rubber compound that is malleable and does not stick to your fingers but, according to its makers, has a retaining force comparable to gecko feet. This means you can use it to attach your action camera or smartphone to any surface or object within a matter of seconds. It won't stick to silicone though.

GekkoGum comes in a storage pouch and can be cleaned with water to remove superficial dirt. It does not shrink or become brittle over time and keeps its characteristics for many years. The recommended maximum camera weight is 200 grams which includes most common action cams and smartphones. You can now secure a GekkoGum by pledging €15 (approximately $16) on the project's Kickstarter page. Shipping is envisaged for January 2017.

Would you feel comfortable sticking an expensive device to a wall using GekkoGum? Let us know in the comments.