Whether you're filming a camera review or working on your latest vlog, one of the easiest ways to take your video to the next level is to have clever transitions. To help you do just that, Rachel and Daniel of Mango Street have created a video showcasing six in-camera video transitions you can do with little more than a bit of planning.

The video summarizes six different methods in just 120 seconds: through the door, back in shot, whip tilt up and down, below ground, strafe blocking and prism wipe. Each method is detailed with a how-to shot and and a final result shot to show both how to get it done and what the final result looks like.

At the end of the video, all of the techniques are put together to create a seamless flow of footage using all six methods. It's a short, simple video that manages to pack a punch in just under two minutes.

As noted by Mango Street in the description of the video, don't forget, 'focus on the story first. Transitions should only serve to enhance your story.'