Apple has just released a 7 minute video detailing some of the biggest upgrades to the iPhone 13 camera systems.

If we wanted you to walk away with one take-home from the keynote, other than the Cinematic Mode everyone's talking about, it'd be this: Apple crammed the rather large 1/1.9"-type sensor with 1.7µm pixels from last year's largest iPhone 12 Pro Max into this year's smallest iPhone 13 Mini. Meanwhile, all models saw modest sensor size increases, and you no longer have to upgrade to the largest phone to get the best camera features. Meanwhile, sensor-shift stabilization has been added to all main camera modules. That means iPhone is doubling down on low light and high dynamic range image quality, since bigger sensors and sensor stabilization allow you to capture more scene light - the easiest way to improve image quality because of a phenomenon known as photon shot noise.

We'll do a deeper dive this week into all the sensor and lens specifications but, in the meantime, you can watch Apple's - admittedly advertorial - video above, where the narrator breaks down some of the commonalities and differences between the models, Cinematic Mode, the new Photographic Styles, and more.