The Ozaki O!photo iPhone 5 case reminded us a lot of’s much-hyped foto.sosho line.

On the iLounge show floor at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this week Taiwanese manufacturer Ozaki showcased its line of iPhone accessories. Along with its widely distributed collection of cases and stands, Ozaki showed off the latest in its O!photo line. 

The new O!photo case offers support for a tripod, external flash, microphone and interchangeable lenses. The case expands the iPhone 5’s already long body with a grip that attaches to the lightning connector and functions as an input for the microphone. On the front of the camera, an apparently decorative shutter functions as a Bluetooth-activated capture device. For remote capture, you can remove the shutter and activate it away from the camera.

This photo shows the Bluetooth shutter release removed from the O!photo case.
The O!photo case offers tripod attachment on the bottom and a spot on top to hold a microphone or flash.

The O!photo can’t help but be compared to’s much-hyped foto.sosho line. While the Black Eyed Peas star’s highest-end V.5 accessory adds a secondary sensor on top of iPhone 5’s 8-megapixel camera, Ozaki offers lenses to attach to their case like the cheaper V.4. At CES, Ozaki displayed a 200mm lens that captured clean shots from across the floor.

Ozaki is currently waiting on patents for their multifunctional camera accessory, but they hope to release the new O!photo case soon.