Fujifilm has announced the GFX 100 II, the latest camera in its GF range of medium format cameras. The company says the new camera adds speed to the GFX series.

Increased speed

The camera is built around a revised 102MP sensor, which Fujifilm is calling '102 MP CMOS II HS.' The company says the sensor has a newly designed readout circuit, which allows twice the readout speed of the previous cameras.

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The buffer memory has also been doubled, to 128Gb, and continuous shooting increases up to 8 fps. Faster autofocus is provided by faster readout and faster processing of X-Processor 5.

The company also says the faster readout and increased processing power also helps the camera provide up to 8EV of stabilization from the in-body stabilization system.

The EVF speed is also increased by the faster readout, allowing 60fps refresh with less lag. The camera's EVF has a revised panel and optics, giving a resolution of 9.44M dots and 1.0x magnification.

The viewfinder has a new, higher resolution panel and higher magnification optics.

The camera also features a new film simulation: Reala ACE, one of Fujifilm's most true-to-life film stocks. The company says the high resolution and dynamic range of the GFX sensor was needed to appropriately re-create the performance of the film.

Improved video

The camera's video capability has been increased, with 8K capture and Raw output, including BlackMagic Raw and ProRes RAW over HDMI. It an also record ProRes footage internally.

The GFX 100 II offers different video modes to suit different lens formats.

The camera supports a series of lenses, including GF, Premista, 35mm and Anamorphic 35mm lenses.

The camera has both CFe Type B and SD slots. It also incorporates the Camera-to-Cloud system from the X-H2s and X-H2, allowing connection to the Frame.io platform or to FTP servers. The camera also gains the ability to record IPTC standard metadata to its images.

The GFX 100 II will be available from September at a recommended price of $7499/€7999.

We've been shooting with a GFX 100 II for a few weeks now.

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Lens announcements

Fujifilm has also announced the 55mm F1.7, previously announced on the company's roadmap. It says the lens delivers both sharpness and 'beautiful, clean bokeh.' The use of aspherical elements controls axial CA, and becomes the first GF lens to include 11 aperture blades.

It uses a bearing mechanism and a DC motor to provide what the company describes as fast, smooth focus.

In addition, the company has introduced the GF 30mm F5.6 Tilt/Shift and 110mm F5.6 Tilt/Shift. It says they've been designed to deliver edge-to-edge sharpness, even at 102MP. Both lenses offer 85mm image circles, to allow +/– 15mm shift, even on a 44 x 33mm sensor.

A new lens roadmap has also been revealed. With the added speed of the GFX 100 II, the company says it's introducing a 500mm F5.6 lens for wildlife and sport. The lens will arrive in 2024.

There will also be a power zoom standard lens for GFX movie making. The company is not yet giving details of focal lengths or apertures.

We'll be updating this story as the even continues, so please refresh the page for the latest information.