Earlier this year, Voigtlander released details of a 75mm F1.5 Vintage Line Nokton lens for Leica M-mount camera systems. Now, the lens is shipping and effectively replacing the 75mm F1.8 Heliar Classic lens Voigtlander previously offered.

As noted in our initial coverage, the lens comes in black and silver variations. It features an optical design made of seven elements in six groups including three low-dispersion elements and one aspherical element. The lens is manual focus with a minimum focusing distance of 70cm (2.3ft) and features a clicking aperture ring with a range between F1.5 and F16 using a twelve-blade aperture diaphragm.

The 75mm F1.5 Nokton weighs in at 350g (12.35oz) and measures in at 63.8mm x 63.3mm (2.5in x 2.5in). Leica Rumors has posted a gallery of sample images (JPEG, straight out of camera) taken with the lens attached to a Leica M10 in an album on Flickr. Below is a gallery of sample images provided by Leica:

The lens is available in black and silver models and currently in stock at B&H for $999.