Pete Souza, the former Chief Official White House Photographer for U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, has taken to Instagram to show off what camera gear he uses for his work.

Throughout the 12-minute video, he details his equipment of choice and shows off images captured with nearly every camera and lens he mentions. Along the way, he also shares a number of anecdotes from over the years, regarding how his style and approach has changed as camera technology continues to progress.

Despite the fascinating video of his most-used equipment, Souza prefaces it by explaining the camera and lenses are simply tools to get the job done, likening them to a trio of screwdrivers; ‘They all work equally well […] I don’t know what brand or model [the screwdrivers] are. You just have to make a decision yourself on what kind of equipment to use.’

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Info on what tools I used at the White House.

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You can find more of Souza’s work on his website, as well as the archived White House Flickr account that shows more than 6,600 images captured during his time as Obama’s official photographer.