Battery and accessory brand hähnel has extended its range of radio-triggered Modus 600RT flash units with a model for Micro Four Thirds cameras. The unit can be used directly in the hotshoe as a standalone flash, or will work within a group of flashes as a TTL commander or a slave using radio or optical communication.

The company already makes this model speedlight for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony systems, and is adding Olympus and Panasonic cameras with this new model.

Although the Modus 600RT shares its basic design with the Godox TT685 flash, and much of its specification with the Godox V860II, hähnel claims its flash has significant advantages that account for the difference in price. A spokesperson told DPReview that the build quality of the 600RT is improved, and that hähnel is especially proud of its firmware updates and customer service—both before and after purchase.

The Modus flashes also feature Digital Channel Matching that locks the transmitter and receiver together once they are connected, to reduce the possibility of interference. Another major difference, according to hähnel, is the quality of the supplied lithium-ion block battery, which is injected with silicone to insulate the circuits and to provide improved shock absorption. The company says these hähnel Extreme li-ion batteries have a longer life and retain their charge for longer than competitors' equivalents.

The Modus 600RT has a guide number of 60m/197ft at ISO 100, and can produce 600 full-power bursts per charge with only a 1.5-second delay for recycling.

With a transmitter and receiver built-in, the flashes work as both commanders and slaves in groups of other hähnel Captur-compatible guns as well as in combination with manufacturers’ original and third party units. A Viper TTL radio controller can be used from the hotshoe to control single guns or up to three groups of guns at a range of 100m/330ft, and can operate in full TTL, manual or strobotic modes with DCM. The zoom head offers coverage for 20-200mm lenses and high speed synch mode allows use with shutter speeds as short as 1/8000sec.

The hahnel Modus 600RT for micro four thirds is available now and will cost £270/$250/€250 including a Viper transmitter, hähnel Extreme li-ion battery and charger. For more information, read the full press release below or visit the hähnel website.

Press Release

hähnel announce launch of MODUS 600RT Speedlight for Micro Four Thirds

Following on from the very successful launch of the MODUS 600RT Speedlight for Canon, Nikon, Sony & Fuji, hähnel have now announced availability of the MODUS for Micro Four Thirds (Panasonic & Olympus).

The staggeringly powerful hähnel Extreme Li-Ion battery provides the power for the MODUS and beats the speed of AA-powered speedlight's hands down. With a GN of 60, the MODUS will handle over 1000 shots at ½ power and over 600 shots at full power.

Rather than waiting the normal 4-6 seconds which normal Speedlight's would require at full power, the MODUS 600RT has fast re-cycling in abundance at just 1.5 seconds. The built-in wireless receiver/transmitter offer TTL, manual and multi modes and high-speed sync supports up to 1/8000 of a sec.

The unique wireless connectivity really steps into its own when paired with the Viper TTL Wireless Flash Trigger. Use them together and control up to 3 separate groups of flash guns in either TTL, manual or Multi (Stroboscopic) mode. DCM channel matching and over 100m range makes the Viper TTL the perfect partner for this new speedlight.

With a long-standing reputation for high- quality accessories, it is no surprise that the MODUS has received ‘Best Value Accessory’, ‘Best Accessory’ and ‘Gear of the Year – Best Flashgun’ accolades from Digital Photographer, Digital Camera and N-Photo magazines since launched.

Stock available from Monday 28th May.