Nikon has released minor firmware updates for nearly its entire Z mount mirrorless camera lineup. The Nikon Z6 and Z7 receive firmware version 3.40 while the Z5 and Z50 receive firmware versions 1.20 and 2.20, respectively.

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Each of the firmware updates improve autofocus (AF) capabilities across the board, but the updates for the Z5 and Z50 aren’t as substantial as those for the Z6 and Z7. For the Z5 and Z50, Nikon says both Face and Eye Detection autofocus modes have been improved when using a flash unit. The Z6 and Z7 receive that improvement, as well as improved eye detection performance when shooting with ‘Auto-area AF’ or ‘Wide-area AF(L)’ autofocus modes, and an increased refresh rate for the focus point displayed in the EVF when using face/eye-detection and subject-tracking autofocus modes.

Nikon Z6 (left) and Nikon Z5 (right).

Firmware version 3.40 for the Z6 and Z7 also reduces the likelihood of the display flickering while shooting N-Log or Raw footage to external video recorders over HDMI when shooting in low-light environments and fixes the following bugs:

  • The camera would sometimes stop responding when Auto was selected for Set Picture Control in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU.
  • The camera would sometimes exceed the value selected for ISO sensitivity settings > Maximum sensitivity in the MOVIE SHOOTING MENU.
Nikon Z50 (left) and Nikon Z6 (right).

All of the firmware updates also add support for Nikon's new FTZ II mount adapter and NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 S lens. The updates are available to download today for their respective cameras. Below are links to each of the updates:

Nikon Z50 — Firmware version 2.20
Nikon Z5 — Firmware version 1.20
Nikon Z6 — Firmware version 3.40Nikon Z7 — Firmware version 3.40