Leica has formally announced the specifications and price of the Summilux-TL 35mm F1.4 lens for its T-series mirrorless camera. The lens, which is available now, will cost $2395/£1650. Leica says that the lens performs at its best wide open, with maximum resolution achieved at F1.4 – though its own MTF charts suggest this is only true in the center of the imaging circle.

Designed to suit the Leica T's compact footprint, the Summilux-TL F1.4 can also be used on the Leica SL in crop-sensor mode.

Made with a total of 12 elements in 8 groups and a closest focus distance of 0.4m, the lens acts as a standard focal length for the APS-C sensor of the T. Focus can be achieved manually as well as in auto mode, and the smallest aperture on offer is F16.

The lens measures 77 x 70mm/3.0 x 2.7in, weighs 428g/15oz without the hood and will be available in anodized black or silver. Leica originally announced that it would make the lens when it released firmware 1.4 for the T at the end of 2015. We should expect a Leica APO-Macro-Elmarit-TL 60mm F2.8 ASPH in the autumn.

For more information see the Leica website.

Press release:


Introducing a new reference lens in the APS-C system category

Leica Camera has today introduced a new addition to the Leica T Camera System portfolio – the Leica Summilux-TL 35mm f/1.4 ASPH. – an extremely fast prime lens with a classic focal length. Set to become the reference lens in the APS-C category, it offers exceptional imaging performance.

The Leica Summilux-TL 35mm f/1.4 ASPH. delivers maximum sharpness, and superb resolution and colour reproduction when shooting wide open, throughout its aperture range, and at all distances from its closest focusing limit to infinity. It also produces stunning pictures with that unmistakeable ‘Leica look’ and a unique and beautiful bokeh.

Considering the outstanding speed and extraordinary image performance, this 35mm lens is surprisingly compact – and, thanks to the internal focusing system, its overall length remains unchanged in use. Furthermore, the lens’ manual focusing ring enables the smoothest adjustments to be made when shooting.

As with all other Leica lenses, the Leica Summilux-TL 35mm f/1.4 ASPH. has been designed by Leica’s own specialists in Wetzlar, Germany, and represents a perfect union of optical and technical expertise. This combination of cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials ensures consistently excellent results

As indicated by the ‘TL’ in its name, the Leica Summilux-TL 35mm f/1.4 ASPH. is the first of two new prime lenses for the Leica T Camera System that is fully compatible with the bayonet mount of the Leica T, as well as the L-mount of the Leica SL-System. The second TL lens, the Leica APO Macro-Elmarit-TL 60mm f/2.8 ASPH., will be available from Autumn 2016.

Availability and pricing

The Summilux-TL 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH. is available now in a choice of black or silver anodised finish from authorised Leica stockists in the UK, at a suggested retail price of £1,650 including VAT. A matching lens hood is also available at an SRP of £65 including VAT.

Additional information can be found at uk.leica-camera.com